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All in one solutions for authors, trainers and learners!

Studywiser is a complete and fully webbased e-learning solution, available and affordable for every organisation, no matter the size or business you are in.

Studywiser can be applied for a variety of training and learning purposes:

  • Application training
    Instruct employees or customers how to use new software with interactive product training.
  • Process and procedure training
    Train, test and certify employees or suppliers with regard to (new) corporate procedures. 
  • Qualification training
    Create trainings and tests for basic or advanced qualification levels.

Studywiser is ideal for blended learning and will fit in your mix of technology-based learning and face-to-face sessions to deliver instruction.

Start using the Studywiser authoring environment for free and create your own experimental learning environment.

The Studywiser approach:

  • Free webbased authoring environment for creating and maintaining your own interactive trainings and courses.
  • Webbased learning portal for distribution of your courses among your learners, including tools for logging, monitoring and reporting on the level of learners, groups, questions and courses.
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